Anton Aladzhov - Web, UI & UX Design

Hi, I'm Anton!
A multidisciplinary designer in love with UI & Drawing

What, Where and Why

My name is Anton Aladzhov, a multidisciplinary designer, with education in Fine Arts. Officially I'm located in Sofia, Bulgaria but I jump around on occasion.

Although Drawing & Painting falls into my hobby category, more than anything else right now, it's a very rewarding process for me. And I'm making an effort to explore it as deep as possible. So one of my favorite things that goes along with my creative process is Illustration.

I do user interface designs for websites and apps and I also love doing logos and illustrations.

What Inspires Me

I love traveling so I’m always on the look-out for new adventures.  My last one was touring Western Europe a year ago.

That's the main thing that really inspires me and my work is better for it. My clients were as happy if not more happy with my work when I was traveling. That’s what makes me a globally-based freelancer.

I've been doodling around basically since I was in diapers. And I fell in love with Web Design and Development when I got into a Computer Science school at age 13. So Web and Graphic Design was just a no-brainer from there.

Let's chat or grab a cup of coffee.

Studio to Contract to Freelance Work

When I was starting out back in the day I worked in a numerous of the biggest web & advertising agencies in the country..

As I moved forward with my passions and my work - life - hobby balance I started to realize that an office environment is too close and restricting to me. My work suffered for it.

That's why a few years ago I started doing only freelance instead of a full-time job. I still work the same hours if not more, but my works more creative and better than ever.

My Skills
Anton Aladzhov - Web, UI & UX Design